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Top-Quality HVAC Equipment & Maintenance

Ensure your HVAC equipment is operating at peak efficiency. Aqua Tech Services, Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, offers complete HVAC maintenance for commercial and industrial clients throughout the state.

Complete Service

Let our experience technicians handle everything. We dispose of containers in a way that is fully compliant with all regulations and provide expert maintenance for all aspects of your system, including:

• Cooling Towers • Steam & Hot Water Boilers • Hot, Chilled, & Processed Cold Loops


We always strive to meet and exceed our clients' expectations with top-notch service. The objectives of our full-service water treatment program are:

• To Provide Quality Chemical Products & Services
• To Maximize the Efficiency of Equipment

• To Minimize Downtime

• To Control Chemical Costs with Maximum Results
• To Build Customer Confidence with our Service & Specialization
• To Realize or Exceed the Life of Operating Equipment


Chemical Treatment

We specialize in chemical treatment and chemical cleaning. During our regular treatments, we check chemical consumption and create a full report. We also use state-of-the-art chemical treatments to remove scales on heat transfer areas and other deposits.


Upgrade to the latest equipment. We specialize in Advantage™ controls and provide everything you need, including:

• Chemical Controllers • Pumps • Low-Down Valves
Contact us for complete HVAC maintenance and top-quality equipment.