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Custom Chemical Formulations

The right chemical formulations can make your system running more efficiently and last longer. Aqua Tech Services, Inc. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, creates custom chemical formulations for the water in your area.

Safe & Organic

Our chemicals are nonviolent, safe, and organic. We use microbiocides to help control pathogen-borne bacteria. This saves you from having to handle the chemicals yourself.

Save Energy & Money

Our services save your money and energy by making your system run more efficiently and extending the life of your equipment. The cost of our services depends on the size of your system, but we offer free surveys to identify what your system needs and lay out all your options.


Our full-service program allows your personnel to focus on other areas, such as ensuring cooling tower operation and other preventive maintenance. We also eliminate employee responsibility to handle chemicals, which reduces the need for staff training for chemical testing and treatment and decrease your inventory through proper disposal of empty containers. Our services reduce storage risks of incompatible chemicals, such as nitrite-borate closed system treatment with bromicide oxidizing tablets. Overall, outsourcing you chemical treatment minimizes long-term costs for your business.

Thermostat - Chemical Formulations
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